Company authorization

Moravia Systems company has received a certificate of competence to carry out of inspections and tests of pressure equipment and installation and repair of dedicated pressure equipment from Technical Inspection of the Czech Republic.

We can provide installation, repair and adjustment of safety, reducing, control and shut-off valves by following technical equipment prerequisited for the quality and long service life of the valves after service.

Technical equipment:

  • Vertical safety valve tester for full stroke test,  with air tank of 250 bar,  DN 50 of inlet pipe, verified by manufacturer (Consolidated)  
  • Automated digital testing benches: horizontal testing machine Model HCA150 with testing range:  valves  form  1/2 ”  to 20“ and vertical test machine Model VCB30-S, testing range: valves  from  1/2 ”to  10“, water test up to 650 bar and air test up to 320 bar
  • Electronic valve tester (EVT)) for testing of opening pressure of safety valves during its operation  
  • Complete set of valve grinding and lapping machines for valve seat and disc repair (EFCO) HYTORC tightening tools for precise and professional tightening of bolts and nozzles

Completed training and certification :

  • GTC- Level 2  (Training from Consolidated Safety Valves manufacturer)
  • EVT ( Training from testing equipment manufacturer)   
  • GTC Implementation of repair management in accordance with the manufacturer‘s specifications  (Consolidated Safety Valves manuafcturer). Implementation of manuals and processes. ValvKeep – professional database of valve repairs for predictive and controlled valve maintenance