Presentation event for our important customer

Last week, our service workshop in Vracov hosted a presentation of aftersales support and services focused on technical managers from undergroud gas storages in Uhřice (MND Gas Storage a.s. company) and in Dambořice (Moravia Gas Storage a.s. company).  

The goal of this event was to present the activities of our Service Center in its entirety - ie from design of the valve, through its commissioning, regular maintenance, diagnostics, to repairs, upgrades and extending of valve service life.  

During the training we presented our Ventil HCA-150 and VCB-30 modern testing machines, EVT electronic equipment for on-line testing of safety valves, powerfull HYTORC hydraulic and electric tightening tools or design solution of trunion ball valves of GROVE and VIZA.    

There was also discussed customer´s  experience with our recent service support. We have evaluated our strengths and also the potential threats together and took steps to make the work even more efficient and effective.  

This presentation was a great success and it was certainly not be the last event of this kind.