Butterfly valves

Butterfly valves SIGEVAL are used to closing/opening the flow of working fluid in piping by means of disc rotating by 90°. The elastomer liner provides 100% tightness in both directions.

Butterfly valves are the most common components in pipeline systems in gas industry, water treatment and distribution, food industry, chemical and petrochemical industries, power industry etc.

Design features and advantages of using:

  • bi-directional permanent tightness
  • low pressure drop
  • short face to face dimension
  • light weight
  • low torque
  • wide range of materials of bodies, discs, liners
  • all valve components can be dismantled
  • replaceable parts are interchangeable with other types of valves in production range
  • various types of operating
  • easy installation and maintenance
  • reliable and long life service

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