A complex service order realized during the shutdown at the Uhřice underground gas storage

The service order we carried out this year consisted of delivery of turnkey service work – i.e. the overhauls of 20-year-old GROVE ball valves through the supply of new VIZA ball valves up to the disassembly/ assembly of valves into the pipeline and start-up assistance.

As the shutdown of the technology itself was very short, it was necessary to make an extremely high quality and timely preparation, especially in the field of operating. Adapters had to be prepared in advance to allow the using of the original actuators on new or repaired ball valves. In total, there were 11 pieces of ball valves with dimensions of 8 "# 1500 to 20" # 600. Cranes and all the modern tools available to our service center had to be used to handle and install the taps in the pipeline, especially Atlas Copco hydraulic expanders and Hytorc hydraulic tightening equipment.

Our service team managed all activities in the required time and quality, which enabled the gas storage operator to put the technology into operation before the originally planned date.