An Interview with Marcela Čadová, Head of Valve Sales

In the second half of last year Marcela Čadová returned to the position of Head of Valve Sales. You can read how she perceives her return and how she evaluates the current market situation in the following interview.

What is it like to return to a company where you have worked before? Did something change when you weren't there?

Returning to the company where I worked previously has some undeniable advantages for me. I know most of my colleagues, business processes, products and company focus from the past and there is no need to spend much time by getting to know, mapping and studying. And what's new in the company? The new business management system which helps with accounting and economics, customer and supplier relationship management, operational analytics and e-commerce is a big change for me. I believe that this new system should help us work more efficiently and with better economic results.

Is it difficult to re-establish contacts with former customers for you?

Business is all about contacts and business relationship, you just need to maintain them. Sometimes the recovery of personal contacts after a long break is more problematic, but not impossible.

There is a fierce competition on the valve market now. What do you consider to be the biggest advantage of Moravia Systems company?

Quality product at a good price and its delivery to the customer within the agreed deadlines. In addition, we have a wide portfolio of industrial valves - both common types and tailor-made of valves. Also quality services. I think we know that the trust and satisfaction of our customers play a big and important role.

Is the impact of the current pandemic reflected in the valve market?

So far it seems that not yet, because our supplies are part of the so-called crisis infrastructure where we supply valves for power plants, wastewater treatment plants, chemical, food and paper plants. However, we assume that these companies will also be more reluctant, especially in the area of ​​approving large investments. We will only see how much the pandemic will affect our market.

What are your visions and targets for you at your position of Head of Valve Sales?

They are identical to the corporate ones. This means being a strong and reliable business partner for the customers, providing desirable and quality products and services. I need to achieve higher sales even in pandemic times and to have many satisfied and returning customers.