​An interview with new sales director

Since January of this year Mr. Dávid Harský became the new Sales Director of INTERMOS VALVES company, the reperesentation of Moravia Systems in Slovakia. We asked him how the local market is developing, what company can offer to its customers and what plans it has for this year.

Mr. Harský, what does the valve market in Slovakia look like today?

At present, there is a high competition of valves suppliers on the Slovak market but on the other hand, this market offers many opportunities, mainly due to the large amount of investments whether to support modernization or increase environmental standards. I mean, for example the new legislative regulations under which heating plants are moving from the combustion of coal to the combustion of gas which requires a comprehensive infrastructure change. Based on this we observe increased activity on the valve market in Slovakia.

What does Intermos Valves offer to its customers?

Due to close cooperation with the parent company Moravia Systems a.s. we are able to offer a customer in Slovakia much more than many other companies with industrial valves.
Customers can order not only valves such as butterfly valves, gate or knife gate valves, ball valves but also other shut-off and regulating valves, but thanks to modern facilities in Vracov (Czech Republic) we can mount and adjust the valves with actuators and also provide after sales service. We can repair the valves at their installation site or at our service center in Vracov. We build on the experience of our people who are trained and authorized to perform service work and have gradually gained their experience on various service orders at home or abroad.

Mgr. Dávid Harský, Commercial Director of INTERMOS VALVES s.r.o.
Mgr. Dávid Harský, Commercial Director of INTERMOS VALVES s.r.o.

Who is your typical customer and who are you targeting?

Our typical customers are mainly chemical plants, companies from the paper and power industry and many smaller trading companies who further distribute our valves to their customers. With regard to established cooperation with current customers, we are gradually trying to deepen cooperation with assembly companies. Such a model of cooperation is beneficial for both parties because it enables us to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Slovak market without competing with each other.

What are your plans for the near future?

Above all, we would like to increase our overall market share for valves. This is related to the development of our sales team.
Our goal is to deepen cooperation with strategic energy companies in Slovakia, as our company has a great potential to become a reliable partner for these companies with long-term storage and service facilities. We believe that thanks to our expertise, reliability and tradition going back to the middle of the last century, we will be able to achieve such ambitious goals as well. Currently we are also preparing a new website which will make it easier for customers to navigate the offer of goods and services and at the same time find technical information about products as well as 3D models of our valves.