Delivery and installation of slide gate valve DN800 to Opatovice power plant

The tender was announced in order to replace the existing unsatisfactory system of regulation of the discharge of warmed water from the engine room to the Elbe river watercourse. At the same time, it was necessary to ensure precise regulation of the cold water inflow from the water source for subsequent technological use in order to achieve lower costs of the medium.  

The condition for participation in the public proceeding was the elaboration of the basic project and the project of actual technology implementation. Our project, including the delivery of fittings, was evaluated as the most economical and technically appropriate task. At the same time, we were able to fully secure the risks against falling into the watercourse during assembly and to ensure the full safety of the workers on the construction site by means of the design of temporary makeshift equipment. As one of the few, we were able to provide the customer with a complex service – focus and document of the current situation, prepare project documentation, supply valves from our own production, install and adjust valves on site and finally hand over the actual design documentation.