Firma Moravia Systems si zakládá na tom, aby měli její zaměstnanci maximální znalosti produktů, které později prezentují svým zákazníkům. Proto všichni „nováčci“ absolvují školení nejen v rámci firmy, ale také přímo u výrobců. Seznámí se tak s armaturami, procesem výroby a v neposlední řadě s lidmi na „druhé straně“ e-mailu nebo telefonu.

Položila jsem několik otázek Lukášovi Kuciánovi, novému regionálnímu obchodnímu zástupci pro Jižní Čechy a Vysočinu: 

Why training in Spain?

The Spanish company SIGEVAL is one of our key business partners with whom the company has been working for over 25 years. It produces butterfly valves with a soft seal.  The main reason for this was that we were preparing for the WATER SUPPLIES-SEWERAGE Trade Fair in Praha where we presented, among others, buttrefly valves for water management and other industrial applications. We need to have the perfect knowledge and insight into the product range to answer and advise visitors.

Tell us something about the training - how did it go?

We flew with my colleagues direct flight from Vienna airport to Madrid. After the arrival, a driver was waiting for us, who drove us to the hotel near the production area. The next day, after waking up in sunny Madrid, we had a breakfast and at 9 o'clock we went directly to SIGEVAL factory. The training started with a presentation. Alejandro García, Quality Manager, told us about the design advantages of valves, showed us all the materials from which it is possible to make the valve body (from cast iron to aluminum), disc materials, liners and various types of protective coatings. We discussed the possibilities of using given types of butterfly valves, how to specify where the butterfly valves are used most often,  how to adjust the valves for some applications and what can be produced on customer's request.

Have you also looked into production?

Yes, right after the theoretical part. We have seen complete equipment and manufacturing processes, from turning and boring to surface finishing. We went through all the production halls in the order that the production processes go.

Have you tried something yourself?

We could try to assemble and disassemble the butterfly valve. At the same time, the workers explained to us what and why it is necessary to keep to the valve working properly and for long time.

Did this training meet your expectations? How would you evaluate this training?

Certainly yes, we learned a lot of important information and got to know one of our main suppliers. Some things we just refreshed, others we heard for the first time and we answered most of the questions we weren't sure about. I would sum it up as challenging and useful.

What was the most interesting and important piece of knowledge for you?

For me personally, the most interesting was the range of products and designs they have. They are able to produce and modify almost anything for the customer's needs. Colors fascinated me the most. It even produces pink butterfly valves. The most important finding was how the bearing of the shaft in the damper disk is solved.

Did you have time to look also at the beauties of Madrid?

Yes for a moment. They took us to a small bar in the center of Madrid, where we tasted traditional Spanish Vermouth served with olives, various kinds of Spanish ham, plenty of grilled meat and, last but not least quality Spanish red wine. They took care of us really well and we thank them.

Thank you for the interview and wish you a lot of satisfied customers!

Jana Nováková