A regular scheduled overhaul of key production units took place in the Slovnaft refinery during May and June. The key production units mean AVD6 (atmospheric-vacuum distillation), RHC (residual hydrocrack), FCC (fluid catalytic cracker), SRU (sulfuric acid regeneration) and ETBE production. These units are crucial for the supply of petrol and diesel for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The downtime is firmly scheduled for days and cannot be extended. It places high demands on service companies that cooperate on the downtime. Overall, more than 1,000 workers from various professions took part in the shutdown.  

Moravia Systems was a key subcontractor in the field of shut-off and regulating valves. Overall, over 200 valves were repaired, with 40% control valves (Masoneilan, Flowserve and others), 40% manual shut-off valves (gate valves and globe valves up to DN350 PN40) and 20% special ball valves with rising Orbit stem. As the high-pressure crackers RHC and FCC were also part of this year's shutdown we were also repairing the high-pressure control valves of pressure class #2500.  

Managing such an extensive overhaul in high quality and speed places great demands on the management and execution of the order. Our company uses its experience from previous shutdowns as well as the fact that it is an authorized repair center of BHGE Masoneilan with access to detailed valve know-how, procedures, etc.

Investment in machinery and test equipment, which our company has done in the last year - purchase of testing machine and grinder of Ventil and hydraulic and pneumatic screw tightening devices of Hytorc, made a significant contribution to the successful fulfillment of the contract with the highest quality.