Superior measurement and control technology Ashcroft® is part of a modern gas turbine inlet filtration solution

This year we realized two larger deliveries of Ashcroft® CXLdp and G2 pressure transducers for ELMONTIA company from Hradec Králové, Czech producer of container filtration units.

These units provide inlet filtration on gas turbines that are exposed to combustion air, fuel, or other sources of intake air contamination during operation. In order to protect the turbines from this contamination the filter houses are used, which provide the turbine with filtered clean air for the suction system when the pressure drops. These are modern container technologies tailored to the customer's requirements which will significantly reduce the time required for the construction of the combustion turbine as a technological unit.

The supplied pressure transducers are electronic measurement and control elements that respond to pressure changes in the working environment by changing the state of their electrical output and are mounted in container devices for pressure sensing and monitoring.  

The Ashcroft® CXLdp differential pressure transducer is the professional choice for critical airflow and space monitoring applications.

The Ashcroft® G2 Pressure Transmitter excels even in the most demanding applications. The proven thin-film polysilicon pressure sensor provides excellent pressure capability and excellent impact and vibration resistance. The perfect choice when demanding pressure measurement is required.  

The Ashcroft brand which Moravia Systems has represented on the Czech market since 2000 is one of the world leaders in this field. Ashcroft products have excellent sensitivity and provide reliable measurements thanks to proven long-term stability.