Supplies for the construction of a hot water pipeline from the Temelín NPP to České Budějovice city

In 2018 an agreement between ČEZ and Teplárna České Budějovice regarding to supplies of heat from Temelín nuclear power plant to heating municipal networks in České Budějovice was reached. The companies decided to build a facility that will reliably supply heat from the nuclear power plant, primarily for domestic heating in the amount of 750 TJ per year for 20 years. The benefit of this project is in the area of ​​reducing emissions mainly as the combustion of coal in the České Budějovice heating plant will be reduced and thus the production of carbon dioxide and other monitored emission categories will be reduced.

The company Tenza, a.s., which built in the past for example a heat feeder from the Dětmarovice power plant to Bohumín city, was won a tender for the contract of construction of a heat feeder from NPP Temelín to České Budějovice city in the length of 26 km.

A substantial part of the heat pipeline is laid underground, in several places an overhead line with pipeline bridges is designed.

For this project Moravia Systems a.s. supplies pipes, pipe fittings, flanges and connecting material in sizes from DN 15 to DN 1000 to Tenza company.