Moravia Systems a.s. invested for millions of crowns in modern technology - horizontal tester from the Dutch company Ventil. In addition, Moravia is the only company in Eastern Europe to have a unique tester with certification from the American General Electric. As a result, it can test the strength, tightness and functionality of the control, shut-off and safety valves of various parameters in minutes. And with 100% reliability.

Errors are not forgiven in this field. Each of them, such as Slovnaft, MND, CEZ, Cepro, Plzensky Prazdroj, yoghurt producers, Kofola or even Coca-Cola, can cost tens of millions of crowns a day.

"Thanks to the new tester, even Canadian miners have already found us, and we are now testing the reliability of the oil extraction equipment in Albania," says Jiří Beneš. He has been leading a successful Measurement and Control Center for many years and has been based in a small industrial zone on the outskirts of Vracov for seven years. They were also found by the Russian GAZPROM, which is now investing billions in the construction of a refinery in Serbia. However, the hot test for Moravia Systems immediately after the installation of a new test facility was a large order from Slovnaft, the largest refinery in Slovakia. The company tested hundreds of valves in Vracov during the fourteen stress days. Everything had to be done quickly and reliably, with shutdowns planned only for the necessary time. Money must not needlessly "flow". Therefore, it was also on Saturdays and Sundays.

“They were regulating valves from a unit producing pure diesel. It is important for a refinery to trust its service organization. Any valve failure can be fatal in such an industry. Reliability and speed of service play a role, ”Benes explained. According to him, the stress test was excellent.

Similarly equipped service centers in Europe are so large that they could be counted on the fingers of one hand. Such high-quality technologies are owned by English, Belgians or Dutch.

“The new tester is very important for Moravia Systems in terms of customer credibility. The test results are demonstrable, everything goes to the computer immediately. From a service point of view, this is not only a saving of time and money, but also proof of quality. The test is clearly conclusive, which has a tremendous positive impact on our customers, ”says the head of the Measuring Center. For example, for a single customer, with the new technology they could now test the valves in the warehouse, which they would otherwise have to test up to India where the factory is. "Now only the valves will be brought to us, we will test them, we will stamp, that everything is fine and maximum satisfaction is on all sides," Benes said.

According to him, a five million investment has paid off, and one more human power is being saved. “The original tester had to be operated by two people; Previously, the fitting was clamped in such a way that it had to be mounted against the flange first, and then the other one dismounted it. Now it is clamped between two flanges and a smaller valve is tested within ten minutes. It's so fast, so while on the old tester we were able to test only five big fittings a day, we can even do twenty now, ”said Tomáš Zelinka, who works with the new tester, described one of the main advantages.

In fact, how does a fitting, such as oil or yoghurt, actually be tested to keep the media from leaking and not reporting a mistake? The strength of the fitting is first tested with water according to the technician. Vacuum must first be created in the fitting, then the water is filled into it. This will displace any unwanted air bubbles. Thereafter, the fluid is pressurized, depending on how much the standard specifies for the valve, ie up to 400 bar. Test results go out to the customer immediately in the log. Furthermore, the water tightness of the fitting is tested with water or air. The tester accurately measures, evaluates leaks and automatically compares to a standard.

Customers praise the new testing technology for a total of five million crowns. “Moravia Systems valves have a key role in our storage. After returning from repair we need to be sure that the ball valve is 100% tight and reliable. The new tester is a guarantee for us that the repaired fittings are completely in order, ”says Brit Špilman, underground gas storage technologist at Moravia Gas Storage a.s. in Dambořice.

Even though refineries are planning to shut down for the spring and fall, the tester of a renowned Dutch manufacturer will not be idle. In fact, Moravia Servis ensures the control of gas storage facilities. However, he also uses the tester as an assistance in accepting projects for testing inspectors.

“We provide service for companies operating in the transportation and processing of hydrocarbon, ie those that distribute or process oil or natural gas. Our specialty is control valves that are used in all flowing media. The food industry is also strong. For example, all the molasses used as a sweetener for Coca-Cola drink in Eastern Europe flows through our valves. In summer, we are preparing for the service of one company that produces so-called black carbon, which is a component for tire production, ”added Jiří Beneš from the unique measuring center in region.

Thanks to the modern technology used by the company, it has recently become a General Electric Silver Partner. As the only company in Eastern Europe. It can draw different benefits. “It is a great prestige for us, and now we have even greater access to the know-how of this American company, the world's leading energy company. For example, it opens the door to a variety of trainings for our employees in world-class training centers, such as France, ”Benes added.