Knife gate valves

For working media that contain mechanical impurities (waste water, sludge, loose materials - fly ash, construction mixtures, granulates, paper pulp or flue gas).

Design features and advantages of using:

  • Short construction length
  • Low weight
  • Low pressure drop
  • Easy installation and service
  • A wide variety of construction material combinations and variants of seat, body and knife designs
  • Various types of surface protection – from usual epoxy coating to heavy corrosion protection of ductile iron fittings (GSK quality)
  • Various ways of operating (hand wheel, quick-release lever, gear, chain wheel, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic actuator)
  • Long life-time
  • Use in dusty hazardous areas (Ex Group II, Category 3, GD, Zone 2 and 22)


  • Waste water treatment plants, sludge management
  • Hydropower plants
  • Desalination of seawater
  • Paper industry
  • Food industry
  • Storage and transport of construction mixtures, powders or granulates (as for instance in cement works, powder industry)


  1. Knife gate valves
  2. Penstock valves
  3. Valves for pneumatic transport of light media (flue gases)

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